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Judie Kaplan Personal ConciergeRead our blog to find out how it all started:
The Birth of Judie Kaplan Personal Concierge


If you are like most people, you have accumulated so much, both at work and at home, and managing that “stuff” takes time and organization. Judie, the can-do specialist, is reliable, has discretion, and can handle assignments from grocery shopping to executive services to picking up prescriptions. Every person’s time is valuable, and Judie Kaplan Personal Concierge will give you back that gift of time in the midst of your busy life, the ultimate time saving reprieve.

Judie Kaplan Personal Concierge is committed to providing personal assistance to the busy Westchesterite. 

We are friendly problem-solvers who know how to get anything done quickly and professionally. Most of what we do is hands-on, but we can be called upon for our network of trusted, reliable contractors and connections. We are the time-saving solution to professionals, homemakers, and single parents just to mention a few. In addition, new mothers, the convalescing and seniors are clients who could benefit with temporary concierge services.

Get things on your to-do list done for you so that you can gain that precious time back into your day.

With longer commutes, longer work hours and children engaged in afterschool activities, time is of the essence for the two-income family. These clients do not require a full-time assistant, yet one who can manage their everyday time-consuming errands and tasks. Judie Kaplan Personal Concierge, along with their lifestyle management services, helps accomplish that and get control back into their lives.

Judie Kaplan Personal Concierge opened in Westchester in 2012 with the mission to help make life easier for people and give them a sense of independence. Judie aspires to be readily available, to meet the demands of her clients and to ease their time burden with reliability, discretion and caring.

Judie is from Mount Kisco and knows the area well. Business associates, colleagues and friends know Judie as the “go-to, get it done person”. Whether it’s sitting around a dusty reception area waiting for a vehicle to be serviced, setting up a filing system, or de cluttering a home to be placed on the real estate market, Judie Kaplan Personal Concierge will make it happen!



Board of Directors and Ambassador of Mount Kisco Chamber of Commerce
Member of International Concierge Lifestyle Management Association 
Member of Professional Women of Westchester