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Tips to Beat Holiday Stress

We are just days away from the frenzied holiday celebrations. With a little time and some energy as well as the tips below, you will be able to enjoy this bountiful season; get the control back into your life which in turn translates to less stress.

Start early!

Budget: Make an intention and don’t over extend yourself. Avoid large interest payments by paying off your credit card bills in full.

Make a separate to-do list for each project.

Cook/bake ahead and freeze. Prepare a single item every opportunity that you have during the month of December and then freeze it.

Delegate: There is so much that needs to get done. Take the workload off of one person and have everyone pitch in.

Set time aside for yourself: Save one hour per day to remove yourself from the stresses of the holiday and nourish yourself which will ultimately increase your productivity.

Get adequate rest: Proper sleep and exercise are the best stress busters.

Focus on the present: Whether you’re baking, writing out cards, wrapping presents, traveling or taking a walk, focus on the present. Being mindful of the moment helps you reduce stress and feel more at peace.

Set manageable expectations: Stress has been described as the difference between our expectations and reality.

Don’t forget what the holidays are really about. Families being together, spirituality, gratitude, and fellowship with friends are among a few. These are certainly more important than what we sometimes focus on.