5 Time Saving House Cleaning Tips

Article Written by Arco Cleaning Maintenance Company

The age old problem of having so much to do and such little time to do it in has been a problem plaguing homeowners for years. Luckily, when it comes to house cleaning there are many time saving practices you can follow to not only increase your cleaning speed, but to clean more efficiently as well. Here are several cleaning tips to consider to help save you time spent on house cleaning.

Be prepared: Accidents happen and the more prepared you are the quicker you can clean up the accident. We recommend carrying a Tide to Go Stick in case you stain your clothes while you are out. For your home we recommend putting white distilled vinegar in a spray bottle. Vinegar is a great stain fighter and disinfectant.

Clean as you go: Procrastination and cleaning have never gotten along and unfortunately putting cleaning tasks aside for later will not save you time and in some cases will make cleaning even more difficult. Cleaning dishes is a perfect example because over time food hardens and becomes more difficult to remove.

Have a plan of attack: Cleaning a large area like a living room or kitchen can seem overwhelming at first, but by creating a strategy you can reduce to the time it takes to clean the room. One example of a cleaning strategy is to pick a corner and work your way around the room cleaning clockwise. Creating a plan of attack will make your cleaning time faster and help you get started.

Practice: Practice makes perfect especially when it comes to house cleaning. The more you clean the more efficient you will become at cleaning. When cleaning you should focus on your plan of attack and make it a routine. Once you develop a cleaning routine your cleaning time will be reduced and you will become a more efficient cleaner.

Hire a Cleaning Company: Sometimes no amount of cleaning tips or tricks will help fit cleaning into your busy schedule. The next best option when you can

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