5 Ways to Make House Cleaning and Organizing More Fun!

Article Written by Arco Cleaning Maintenance Company

Let’s face it, house cleaning is tough work, and not the most desirable activity. The good news is there are ways to make cleaning more fun and enjoyable! These five house cleaning tips will help you stay motivated and make your cleaning easier and faster.

Listen to Music: Listening to music while cleaning is a great way to make the experience more enjoyable. People who listen to music while running on average can run faster and for longer distance. Cleaning is a physical activity just like running or working out. Thus music provides a mental distraction from the task at hand which will make your time cleaning faster and more enjoyable.

Get the Family Involved: The more people cleaning, the faster the job gets done. When it comes to house cleaning, you can make the job faster and more fun by getting the whole family involved. Divide up tasks based on the person’s cleaning ability. For example, kids can pick toys up and help organize while Mom and Dad can vacuum and clean hard to reach places such as shelves. Getting the whole family involved will make cleaning more fun and less work.

Make it a contest: We understand it can be hard to motivate the family to help clean, especially the kids. We recommend making cleaning into a contest. For example, whoever picks up the most toys or cleans their room the best gets a prize. Making house cleaning into a contest is a great way to get more people involved and make it more fun.

Reward Yourself: If you are the only one in your house cleaning, it is important to reward yourself after a job well done. When you are done cleaning treat yourself with a favorite snack, order a new book or simply do whatever makes you happy. Rewarding yourself after you clean is a great way to stay motivated and relax when you are done.

Open the Windows: When house cleaning, open your windows and let the fresh air in. Cleaning your house can stir up dust creating a stuffy and unpleasant environment. Fresh air not only will make you feel better, it will improve the air quality in your home while you clean.

About the Author: Arco Cleaning has been providing commercial and residential cleaning services to the greater Westchester County area since 1946.


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