Are you Ready for Back-to-School?


Hopefully you have had a restorative summer and are prepared for back-to-school. For most parents, the new school year involves changes in routine and adjustments, sometimes one or both are challenging.

The goal is to ensure that life runs as smoothly as possible. Below are a few back to school organizing tips that might resonate with you.

Your school calendar placed in a central location is a good start. Incorporate that into your work calendar so that planning is made easy. This can then be transferred onto a shared calendar online so that “everyone is on the same page”. Jot down all the meetings, back-to-school nights, sports schedules/events, etc. Anything that is going to impact you and/or your family should be written down. Do this as soon as possible!

Schedule vacations and time off. Once you have had the chance to examine the school holidays, early dismissals, school trips, etc. that affect you, put in your time-off requests. Those times are commonly requested by other working parents so you want to make certain that you get your request in as soon as possible.

Stock up on extra supplies so that you don’t have to make mad dashes after a long day at work for that report cover that you child needs for the next day.

Provide back-up lunch money. Stick money in your child’s backpack in the beginning of the school year so that in the event that he/she forgot their lunchbox, they have the option of buying lunch.

Clear the clutter. It’s always a good idea to check your child’s backpack every day or so and purge school papers. If something is important, save it and file it. If not, toss it.

Place a bin by the door for necessary items for that day i.e. gym shoes, instrument on music day, show-and-tell items, snacks, clothing, etc.

Family conference. A ten minute meeting once a week is an ideal manner in which to share the plans for the week so that there are no schedule clashes. Discuss who has what going on!

Savor your children and have a wonderful, safe school year!






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