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5 Personal Work-space Organization Tips

Article Written by Connor MacNeil, WAM Enterprises LLC

I hear it all the time: There’s never enough hours to get all my work done! Unfortunately, I can’t provide you with the answer to time travel, but I can offer you a few tips to help maximize your time spent actually working. Working at a start-up has left me with a list of never ending tasks, teaching me the lesson that organization is necessary if your goal is to maximize efficiency. I’m here to offer you some of my advice on this matter, so, here are my 5 Tips to Maintaining an Organized Work-space.

1. Organize before clocking out:

Everyone loves coming home to a freshly made bed, so why can’t the same apply to your work-space. Tidying up your desk before leaving work allows you to start the next morning with a full head of steam, and let’s be honest, if you’re having one of those mornings, the last thing needed is another distraction. If you’re able to keep an organized work-space it will help to maximize personal productivity from the moment you sit down for work.

2. Keep a To-Do list:

I don’t care how smart you think you are, it’s not logical to keep all your priorities organized in your head. By creating a To-Do list, it allows you to visualize the amount of work that is on your plate, keep track of important tasks and gauge your progress as you cross off completed items. Include everything on this list, from the biggest project to the smallest task; crossing them off feels good and will help keep you motivated. Update this list every day before leaving work in order to keep track of your progress and in turn this will help you reinforce tip #1.

3. Don’t eat at your desk:

Eating at your desk creates clutter, plain and simple. Think about how many objects you have on your desk. Personally I have 6 items (laptop, monitor, mouse, to-do list, cellphone, notepad), and if I were to eat at my desk, that number would almost double with the addition of sandwich, napkins, drink, silverware or chips. Although this may not seem like a big deal, maintaining a clean work-station is just another way to maintain a high level of productivity throughout the work day. Finding different snacking hot-spots allows for those much needed, stress relieving breaks from your desk that are crucial to keeping a clear head.

4. Folders on your lap top:

I’ve mentioned one of my desk items is a laptop, which also happens to be my most utilized one. As a marketer, keeping my laptop internally organized is crucial to my success. Strategically organizing documents, graphics, videos and more from multiple clients enables me to find any single file in seconds. As a result, I am a huge advocate for desktop folders. Through the use of folders, I almost funnel myself right down to the exact file that I am looking for. For example I create graphics for various clients so that I have a folder titled Clients Graphics; within that folder are folders labeled with each client that I have done graphic work for, and within each client folder are more folders labeled website images, blog images, etc. This allows me to find exactly what I’m looking for at the drop of a dime.

5. Keep up to date with emails:

Finally, the dreaded email inbox. Working at a start up requires me to wear a variety of hats, which also leaves me with a full inbox 50-75 per day. To stay on top of this and not create a backlog, I abide by two rules: delete at least 1 email every time I check my inbox (most of the time it ends up being multiple) and create folders for different clients or projects (just like my desktop). By cleaning out your inbox, it reduces the chances of accidentally missing an important client email or not being able to find an important message from your mother or boss.


5 Ways to Make House Cleaning and Organizing More Fun!

Article Written by Arco Cleaning Maintenance Company

Let’s face it, house cleaning is tough work, and not the most desirable activity. The good news is there are ways to make cleaning more fun and enjoyable! These five house cleaning tips will help you stay motivated and make your cleaning easier and faster.

Listen to Music: Listening to music while cleaning is a great way to make the experience more enjoyable. People who listen to music while running on average can run faster and for longer distance. Cleaning is a physical activity just like running or working out. Thus music provides a mental distraction from the task at hand which will make your time cleaning faster and more enjoyable.

Get the Family Involved: The more people cleaning, the faster the job gets done. When it comes to house cleaning, you can make the job faster and more fun by getting the whole family involved. Divide up tasks based on the person’s cleaning ability. For example, kids can pick toys up and help organize while Mom and Dad can vacuum and clean hard to reach places such as shelves. Getting the whole family involved will make cleaning more fun and less work.

Make it a contest: We understand it can be hard to motivate the family to help clean, especially the kids. We recommend making cleaning into a contest. For example, whoever picks up the most toys or cleans their room the best gets a prize. Making house cleaning into a contest is a great way to get more people involved and make it more fun.

Reward Yourself: If you are the only one in your house cleaning, it is important to reward yourself after a job well done. When you are done cleaning treat yourself with a favorite snack, order a new book or simply do whatever makes you happy. Rewarding yourself after you clean is a great way to stay motivated and relax when you are done.

Open the Windows: When house cleaning, open your windows and let the fresh air in. Cleaning your house can stir up dust creating a stuffy and unpleasant environment. Fresh air not only will make you feel better, it will improve the air quality in your home while you clean.

About the Author: Arco Cleaning has been providing commercial and residential cleaning services to the greater Westchester County area since 1946.


5 Time Saving House Cleaning Tips

Article Written by Arco Cleaning Maintenance Company

The age old problem of having so much to do and such little time to do it in has been a problem plaguing homeowners for years. Luckily, when it comes to house cleaning there are many time saving practices you can follow to not only increase your cleaning speed, but to clean more efficiently as well. Here are several cleaning tips to consider to help save you time spent on house cleaning.

Be prepared: Accidents happen and the more prepared you are the quicker you can clean up the accident. We recommend carrying a Tide to Go Stick in case you stain your clothes while you are out. For your home we recommend putting white distilled vinegar in a spray bottle. Vinegar is a great stain fighter and disinfectant.

Clean as you go: Procrastination and cleaning have never gotten along and unfortunately putting cleaning tasks aside for later will not save you time and in some cases will make cleaning even more difficult. Cleaning dishes is a perfect example because over time food hardens and becomes more difficult to remove.

Have a plan of attack: Cleaning a large area like a living room or kitchen can seem overwhelming at first, but by creating a strategy you can reduce to the time it takes to clean the room. One example of a cleaning strategy is to pick a corner and work your way around the room cleaning clockwise. Creating a plan of attack will make your cleaning time faster and help you get started.

Practice: Practice makes perfect especially when it comes to house cleaning. The more you clean the more efficient you will become at cleaning. When cleaning you should focus on your plan of attack and make it a routine. Once you develop a cleaning routine your cleaning time will be reduced and you will become a more efficient cleaner.

Hire a Cleaning Company: Sometimes no amount of cleaning tips or tricks will help fit cleaning into your busy schedule. The next best option when you can