Is There a Difference Between a Personal Concierge and a Personal Assistant?

personal-assistant-service1-300x226A Personal Concierge is a trusted individual who basically achieves lifestyle management for their clients. We are problem-solvers who know how to get anything done, quickly and professionally. People want/need things done but just don’t have the time and are willing to pay someone to get these services done for them effectively and efficiently so that they can focus on more significant issues in their lives such as their career or being able to spend more time with their family. Some need help decluttering and organizing while others can manage those tasks but can’t manage the abundance of errands and/or waiting for contractors, etc.

According to Sara-Ann Kasner, president and founder of the National Concierge Association, “The concierge business is exploding right now. There has been tremendous growth”.

A Personal Assistant or PA is one who assists in daily business and personal tasks relating to that business. He/she will provide services to manage their employer’s requests; one who assists in daily business or personal tasks for their employer whether it be an administrative assignment or life management tasks, including running errands or other activities. Frequently, they will be asked to pick-up cleaning, make vacation plans, pick-up children from school, etc. This position is great for those who love to be on the go, and hate glaring at a computer screen all day. It is not unusual for a Personal Assistant to help high-level executives with day-to-day operations and the navigation of their schedule.

A Personal Assistant usually works for one person and may be available to them 24 hours per day. A Personal Concierge will have a number of clients who they provide services for weekly, a few hours at a time. It is more likely that a Personal Concierge will deal less with office work and more with helping manage personal lives, although there are certainly requests for administrative services, especially in home offices.



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