Ten Commandments of Decluttering

1) Thou shalt handle it once; deal with the item (mail, invitation, schoolwork) right away.

2) Thou shalt put away stuff in its designated place (and if you don’t have one, make one).

3) Thou shalt use labels.

4) Thou shalt know that there are only two options: less stuff or more storage.

5) Thou shalt know that it didn’t get like this overnight, and it is not going to get fixed overnight.

6) Thou shalt write things down.

7) Thou shalt keep in mind that just because you have it doesn’t mean you have to use it.

8) Thou shalt be discriminate with printed material.

9) Thou shalt be charitable, and by doing so, be decluttered.

10) Thou shalt use, display or store important items with respect.

*credit Patty McPherson, WickedLocal.com

This really can apply to your life, honest! It’s much easier than you think and can be accomplished by making the decision to change your mindset to live an uncluttered lifestyle.

Routines are important and will change the neuroplasticity in your brain. What do you do with your keys, change, purse, briefcase when you walk through the door? Find a place near your coat closet where you can set these things down and know that they will stay there until you need them.

Sort your mail near a waste basket so that you can practice commandment #1 with ease. If you are not tossing junk mail, deal with the item right away.

Every time you bring a new item into your home, think about whether or not it is replacing another item. If so, recycle or donate the older item that performs the same function. When you get a new magazine, recycle the earlier editions. This applies to newspapers as well. AND, have a basket or rack to store them rather than cluttering table tops (or the floor).

Where is your junk drawer? Establish a place of convenience for odds and ends and create organizing tools such as eggs crates or bins for sorting. This will contain the item as opposed to spilling over into other areas of your home.

You can make money with your clutter by consigning items, having a yard sale, donating to a good cause where you will garner a tax write off, sell it on eBay, Amazon or Craigslist, or you can go green and recycle.


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