The Birth of Judie Kaplan Personal Concierge

I liken the reinvention of this time in my life to rebirth. While recuperating from a serious surgery with time to ponder my future, I had an epiphany while speaking with my elder son. He was sharing with me the need to overhaul his closet; to declutter and organize. It occurred to me that not only could I assist him with this task but that I could also be of benefit to others as this was a marketable skill that I possessed. Keeping that in mind, I decided to reinvent myself and open a personal concierge business after spending 35 years in the healthcare industry as a healthcare administrator. I purchased a book, the bible for the Personal Concierge industry, “Fab Job Guide to Become a Personal Concierge” and the rest is history. At 69 years old, I incorporated my selected name, Judie Kaplan Personal Concierge, and from there, I relentlessly did what it took to grow my business. Extensive marketing, joining organizations, learning and entrenching myself in social media and the like, volunteering, having a website built and later even blogging have demonstrated skills that even astonished me. The list goes on and on. With no real experience, the education was hands-on which made it even more rewarding.

I now have a viable business, one and a half years later, serving Westchester County. My mission is to help make life easier for people and give them a sense of independence. I aspire to be readily available to meet the demand of my clients and to ease their time burden with reliability, discretion and caring.

I invite you to visit my website,, to further learn of the services that I provide.

I have never felt more fulfilled and content. My life has a purpose! Helping folks who are aging-in-place; providing lifestyle management for the busy two- income family or single parent are the most rewarding moments of my being!

Thank you to my son who unknowingly turned me into a new person.


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