Westchester Personal Concierge Recovers Hundreds of Dollars!

A Personal Concierge need not only run errands and do your shopping! The value of employing one is limitless. All that is required of you is to select the task that will give you back the gift of time in your day, and make the phone call that will change your life.

For Suzie, a senior who is disabled, hundreds of dollars were recovered from various insurance companies, both medical and non-medical. We were relentless with phone calls, faxes and correspondence to recoup the dollars that she paid that were ostensibly owed by her. In actuality, these dollars were not her responsibility, and with research and perseverance, they were recovered for her.

Unknowingly, when Suzie received a bill from her medical group, etc. for a copay or a balance due, she diligently paid it. The medical group (and others) did not bill her secondary, and therefore the balance due was sent to Suzie. This also applied to providers who did not participate with Medicare. She did not have the awareness, nor the know-how, to submit the forms to Medicare or her secondary for reimbursement. Doing this, many times for her, hundreds and hundreds of dollars were reclaimed to her from Medicare and her secondary insurance carrier.

Suzie also had a Personal Injury case pending and was unable to comprehend the nuances that were necessary for her to hold others accountable for payment. For instance, one example is that she took taxi cabs to providers, and the understanding was that the insurance company would reimburse these fares back to her. We filled out forms and filed them with her insurance company and voila, all that money now sits in Suzie’s bank account as opposed to her insurance company.

These illustrations are simply a few that indicate to you the value of the engagement of Personal Concierge services. Suzie is like a changed person each time that we conclude our appointment with her and is so grateful. She doesn’t feel as though she has lost her independence but rather has gained the trust and assurance that someone is in her corner and looking out for her.

This speaks volumes, in just one area, the manner in which a Personal Concierge can enhance your life. Saved time is not the only metric that matters. There is also the mental stress factor. There is a sense of freedom that is gleaned by aligning with someone who can give you back the gift of time in your busy life, the ultimate time saving reprieve.

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