What is a Personal Concierge?


The first comment that one makes when I introduce myself as a Personal Concierge is “oh, you can get Broadway tickets for me or plan my summer vacation”. Then they look at me quizzically and say “what exactly is a Personal Concierge”? Most folks don’t know the definition of a Personal Concierge. In 2002, Entrepreneur Magazine included concierge and errand service businesses in their annual list of top ten start-up ideas. A Personal Concierge takes on tasks that their clients are too busy to get done themselves. Everyone from dual-income families to single parents to traveling executives can be totally time strapped and willing to pay for what is known as “lifestyle management”.

With lengthy commutes, longer work hours and children engaged in after school activities, time is of the essence for the two-income family. These clients do not require a full-time assistant, yet one who can manage their everyday time-consuming errands and tasks. A Personal Concierge, along with their lifestyle management services, helps accomplish that and gets control back into their lives. She/he is a convenient time saver that helps you simplify your life and reduce the mounting stress which ultimately increases your productivity. You can than spend time on what really matters!!

Although one might initially feel that they are giving up control and are resistant to engage a coach to partner with them, the feelings of being able to relinquish decisions and time consuming tasks will ultimately ease their burden with reliability, discretion and caring. The relationship then becomes very familial and trusty.



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