Personal Concierge Mount Kisco

Moving my mom was proving to be a momentous task. My siblings and I weren't sure how to go about it since we all live hours away from our mother. We needed help! Thank goodness we found Judie.  From the first time I spoke to her on the phone there was an instant connection. She seemed caring, warm, light-hearted, practical and hard-working... and she was! But nothing prepared me for the way she became a dear and constant companion to my mom and my family during a very stressful time. I didn't hesitate to leave her alone with my mom to head back home, out of state — the trust issue was never a factor.  Judie handled almost every object in my mom's house, deliberated over what to do: keep, give away, sell, throw away? She heard stories about my mom's things, listened to my mom tell of her memories and never forgot the task at hand: downsize, pack and move.  We never would have gotten my mom into her lovely retirement home without Judie and we hope she'll come visit soon! 

Mary Dennis

It is my sincere pleasure to write this testimonial for Judie Kaplan. Judie, whom I’ve known for many years, is possibly the most responsible, organized, meticulous and efficient person I’ve ever met. If I need something done and want to be sure it gets completed in a timely manner, she’s the one to whom I turn. Her work ethic and sense of integrity are outstanding. Judie’s personality is warm, upbeat and outgoing. She’s full of energy and always a joy to have around! 

Rita G., Peekskill

I have known Judie Kaplan for over 20 years. She is extremely dedicated to helping people, and she has the skills to successfully manage any task that comes before her. Judie was an unbelievable help to me in the confusing and frustrating process of renegotiating my home mortgage. I had been running around in circles with the mortgage department of a large bank and getting nowhere. I called Judie and discussed my frustration. Judie immediately put me in touch with the most wonderful mortgage company. They expedited the entire process and even came to my home for the closing. If it were not for Judie, I doubt that I would have ever gotten the low rate and fast closing that I got in less than 60 days!! Judie also helped me with much needed information for an upcoming trip to Aruba. There really is not anyone that I know who will so quickly and efficiently tackle any task and bring it to a successful conclusion. She is the most trustworthy person that I know; and she has a standard of excellence that is extremely rare in this day and age. I will be referring all of my friends to Judie Kaplan, Personal Concierge, Inc.  I know that they will be as thrilled with her work as I have been.

Barbara M., Heritage Hills, Somers, NY

I have known Judie Kaplan for 7 years. We have worked together professionally in several different roles. Judie easily and efficiently manages tasks at hand and long term projects. Judie is dependable and conscientious. Her positive and energetic personality makes her a pleasure to work with.

Theresa C., Pleasantville, NY

The best personal shopper ever! If you are unable to get to the store, and sometimes use grocery store delivery services, you are probably like me. Disappointed with what arrives from grocery store delivery services. Your problem is solved. When Judie Kaplan goes shopping for me she brings me exactly what I ordered. Except she won't purchase produce that doesn't look perfect. I know exactly what I will get. A correct order and only quality fresh food. I can't go wrong when Judie shops for me. I have been so pleased with this service.

Judy S., Mt. Kisco, NY

I needed Judie's help & she did a great job. I would recommend her for anybody who needs this type of help. Thanks Judie. Hope to see you soon. All the best! 

Michael L., Grand Lux Realty

Judie has been working for me twice a week for over 6 months. With her tracking insurance payments for me and other insurance issues, she has recovered hundreds of dollars. Her follow-through and relentlessness is admirable. If not for Judie, so much of my life would have slipped through the cracks. She has organized all of my filing and has de-cluttered my life!  She does my food shopping as well as picking up my prescriptions. Judie is full of energy and is always upbeat, warm and friendly. Thank you so much Judie for giving me back the feeling of freedom. 

Susan L., Mt. Kisco

When Judie from Judie Kaplan Personal Concierge completed her first assignment for me, I felt as though I had just received a full body massage. I felt so relaxed and relieved once all my paperwork was organized. She set up a filing system for me and continues to meet with me monthly to follow-through and to assist with my bill paying. I would recommend Judie Kaplan to anyone who needs assistance of any kind. Nothing is too much for her! 

Satisfied Senior, Larchmont, NY