So Many Sticky Notes,
So Little Time!

Do you have tasks that you have not been able to manage due to time or physical limitations? Would you like to be rescued from tedious and time consuming errands? Judie Kaplan Personal Concierge is offering a valuable and innovative service to local individuals and businesses.

READ WHAT THE AGEIST WROTE ABOUT US: A member of the AGEIST tribe transferred her healthcare experience to a self-created role: personal concierge.

FROM A JKPC CLIENT: Moving my mom was proving to be a momentous task. My siblings and I weren't sure how to go about it since we all live hours away from our mother. We needed help! Thank goodness we found Judie. From the first time I spoke to her on the phone there was an instant connection. She seemed caring, warm, light-hearted, practical and hard-working... and she was!  But nothing prepared me for the way she became a dear and constant companion to my mom and my family during a very stressful time. READ MORE

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